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Once upon a time...the discoveres
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Once upon a time...the discoveres
Director: Albert Barillé
Edition: Disques Office
Year of production: 1998
Duration: 11h
Audio: Stéréo
Languages: French, English
Ratio: 4/3
Format: Pal
Zone: 2 (Europe)
Bonus: Les menus en animations 3D, 3 entrées différentes à la rencontre des plus grands découvreurs et des plus grandes découvertes de tous les temps, le chrono visionneur: chapitrage et lecture épisode par épisode, le téléporteur spatio-temporel: découverte des grandes périodes historiques dans l'ordre chronologique grâce à une frise historique interactive, le leximot: lexique interactif expliquant un mot ou un thème en image.

Description :

Here we tell the exciting story of the great discoveries and of those who made them, thus shaping the world to make it what it is today. From Chinese writing to the invention of the automobile, taking us from electricity, to vaccination, measurements, etc. Maestro guides us through the centuries introducing us to the greatest scholars...

The list of episodes

1 - The Chinese, our ancestors
2 - Archimedes and the Greek
3 - Hero from Alexandria
4 - The measuring of time
5 - Henri the navigator and cartography
6 - Gutenberg and printing
7 - De Vinci, a jack-of-all trades
8 - The doctors (Paracelse, Vésale, Paré, etc.)
9 - Galileo
10 - Newton
11 - Buffon (discovering the past)
12 - Lavoisier and chemistry
13 - Stephenson, full steam ahead
14 - Faraday and electricity
15 - Darwin and evolution
16 - Mendel and peas
17 - Pasteur and micro-organisms
18 - Thomas Edison and applied science
19 - Marconi and sound waves
20 - Ford and the adventure of motorcar
21 - Aviation
22 - Marie Curie
23 - Einstein
24 - Lorenz, father of the geese
25 - Armstrong, the moon and the space
26 - Tomorrow

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